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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 12, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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at j.e.r. that's it for this week's show. thank you to my panel. hope to see you right here next week. welcome to america's news headquarters. stunning new revelations from form he defense secretary robert gates about his time in the obama administration. in his new book, duty, gates raises serious concerns about president obama's war leadership while defending his memoir as a, quote, honest account. molly has more. >> reporter: secretary gates explains more today on his insights into the behind the scenes infighting in the obama administration about the surge of troops into afghanistan. and president obama's commitment
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to success in afghanistan. secretary gates doesn't think the president did enough to convince the u.s. servicemen and women that he believed in their mission. that their sacrifice was worth it. >> president obama did that with the troops when i was secretary. i did not see president obama do that. and i said, as i write in the book, it was this absence of passion. this absence of a conviction of the importance of success that disturbed me. >> one democratic senator points out, despite any disputes, the president did send a surge of troop as gates wanted. >> very interesting in his book, he gives high praise to president obama making decisive decisions. and just about every decision he made, secretary gates agreed with. so the bottom line was that there was more harmony than you
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would think the headlines on the critique of his book. >> gates also asserts that former secretary of state hillary clinton said she voted against president bush's surge of troops into iraq for political reasons. here's what one gop senator said about that. >> i think that for her to say that she, of course, she may deny it. i haven't heard any response from her. the fact that i hnl heard anything from her leads me to believe she probably won't. but to be politically motivated to make those very significant decisions, i think is going to be very damaging to her. >> gates calls that statement by clinton surprising and dismaying. greg? >> thanks very much. this book, taking a close look at what goes on behind closed doors of the white house. coming up, what these revelations tell us about president obama is he really running the country in the right way. we'll talk about that. the frustration is certainly growing. 300,000 people in west virginia
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without clean tap water for a fourth day now. and it means no bathing, cooking, no cleaning and now many of these people could be forced to leave their home, their businesses after health experts say it could be days still until the tap water is safe to use. brian is following the story live in our new york city newsroom with the latest. >> right now officials are aggressively testing water samples from nine counties in west virginia measuring level of a toxic chemical which spill into the river and contaminating the water supply. four laboratories have been working overnight measuring some 100 samples for traces of the chemical 4 mchm. a little known foam agent used in coal. they can only lift the do not use order on tap water when samples and tests show low levels over a 24-hour period. the chemical safety board's investigative team is schedule to arrive tomorrow morning.
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authorities today also beginning a systematic flushing of the state's largest water system which will literally flush out the toxin, diluting the chemical until the water is safe to use again. now, the president of the west virginia american water company saying he expects it will be days before people can begin using their tap water for bathing, drinking or washing again. businesses have been empty, restaurants shut down and stores closed. to open, businesses must submit a plan to the health department outlining how they plan on providing safe water. and though some are beginning to open, the spill has already taken a heavy toll. >> it has impacted us greatly. we can't open. we can't serve food. what we're trying to do to offset that is we're opening, selling legal beverages only and chips for the customers. but we have pay rolls like any other business. we have pay roll on monday due. so it is pretty drastic right
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now that we just try to get through this. >> over 30 people have sought treatment at hospitals and for symptoms like nausea and vomiting. water distribution centers continue to hand out clean water and we are specking a press conference at 4:00 p.m. with the greatest updates. >> we'll check back with you. >> a major development concerning iran's nuclear program. iran and six world powers agreeing on how to immedical that interim deal reached in november. official say the agreement will take effect january 20th. and under this deal, iran will reign in its nuclear activities in exchange for the easing of some economic sanctions. the next, an even more difficult step will be to reach a final deal that resolved the dispute once and for all. a new push to end the civil war in syria. secretary of state john kerry and other diplomats meeting in paris, urging the rebels to attend peace talks in geneva
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which are set to take place in just over a week but so far they have not given any indication they'll take part. secretary kerry said he is optimistic the rebel there's attend. the main group is battling not only regime forces but al qaeda linked militants as well. a memorial to israeli prime minister ariel sharon. sharon's coffin now lies in state at the israeli parliament building in jerusalem. vice president joe biden is set to lead the american delegation attending the state funeral. sharon died yesterday after spending eight years in a coma following a massive stroke. he was 85 years old. wet wintry weather from coast to coast while snow and rain may be heading out of the northwest and the great lakes. some slick conditions could cause problems in the east coast for monday's big commute. meteorologist janet dean is live
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in the extreme weather center with the latest. >> hi, gregg. let's look at i. quiet for now but yes, we have another storm system that will wreak havoc on the eastern sea board monday into tuesday. for now we'll appreciate the quiet. we do have some lake effect snow bands across erie and ontario. then this is our weather maker across the west. we're seeing upwards of three feet of snow in the cascades and the northern rockies as well as rain and wind which will start to dissipate throughout the day into tomorrow. we still have winter weather advisories for many states as well as high wind warnings. we're getting readings of 70-mile-per-hour winds. we want to point out santa ana winds will kick up this evening into tomorrow for southern california. very dry out here and warm. the fire danger is high as we head into monday and tuesday. so keep that in mine. taking look at the future radar. we'll see thing taper off here. but as we head into monday morning's commute, a cold front will bring plenty of moisture from the gulf of mexico across the gulf coast and then pushing
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across the southeast monday and tuesday into the northeast with a little bit of lake effect snow as well. there is the forecast precipitation. several inches of rain. we'll keep that flash flood watches and warnings up for the northeast and we could get several inches of snow over the upper midwest and the great lakes. relatively quiet though comparatively speaking. we've been dealing with for the last couple of weeks with the polar vortex stuff and the nor'easters. so we'll take the relatively quiet skies for now in the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >> sort of a welcome relief. thanks so much. if you're lucky enough to have a job right now, you may final it hard to land a better one. a new report shows more workers are staying in the same jobs for longer stretches than ever before. what's the deal? we'll look at the reasons behind this new trend, just ahead. [ male announcer ] what's different at red lobster? new table for two.
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call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! welcome back. the dismal unemployment rate having a big impact on people who already have jobs. these stats from the bureau of labor statistics shows that workers are jobs less frequently than in the past. and this trend of staying put could be impacting the economy in all kinds of ways. joining me now, the senior business correspondent. in what ways? >> well, first of all, let's take a look at what is happening with why people are not moving. and it is very simple. you move because there's opportunity. move because there might be job security or a better wage
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somewhere else. there isn't. there is just a lack of opportunity. people don't want to stay in their jobs right now them don't feel valued. a third of workers don't feel valued. they have long commutes. but there is nowhere to go. >> so the job hopping that went on before, is that, by the way, necessarily a good or bad thing? >> it is a good thing for the economy. it is called a churn rate. how many people see opportunity and move to new jobs. right now we're at about 25%. that's not bad for the entire world looking at the entire world. but for a recovery, very, very low. >> people are hanging on to the old jobs. a lot of people are forced to hang on to jobs they don't want, jobs out have their expertise, at a lower wage rate. >> absolutely. we saw that last month. we saw that the actual unemployment rate, everybody talks about 6.7%. that's because 347,000 workers dropped out. they just said, i'm not going to do it anymore. i'm not going to look.
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the real unemployment rate is 13.1% when you count people who are working part time, who don't want to be, who aren't looking at all. >> so this is a jobless recovery if ever there was one. with anemic economic growth on an annualized basis. >> it is very difficult. if you look at who is being hurt the most, the lack of job hopping is not happening because there's more women in the workplace or because older people are staying longer because they can't retire. those are not the issues. it is broad in every single age group. but it is young men who are hurt the most right now. they used to make 85% -- ten years ago they made 85% of the average annual wage. now it is only 58%. >> you know, the united states has thighest corporate. at a rate in the world. it stands at 39.1%. a lot of people say, well, come. on businesses don't really pay that because of all the
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loopholes. not true. a recent study came out and it says that the u.s. has the highest effective corporate tax rate at 27% while the average around the world is 20%. in order, if you're a business person, if you're the person ahead of the company and it is cheaper to create a job elsewhere and produce a product elsewhere, why in the world wouldn't you do it? >> that's absolutely true. that trend has been going on for quite a while. that doesn't necessarily tell us why are we having such a jobless recovery. >> what about obamacare? has that created conditions that -- >> yep. >> go ahead. >> small business owners are saying they don't want to hire. there is so much uncertainty. why should they hire if they don't know how much they're paying for benefits? and it was very interesting statistic in last month's jobless report. which was for the first time in
12:46 pm
a did he go aid, health care sector jobs were shed. usually that's the most robust industry. besides government. and that i think can be a fault of obamacare. >> in the individual margaret place, roughly 6 million jobs, excuse me, 6 million insurance policies were canceled, affecting 18 to 20 million americans. the insurance industry is predicting that small and medium business this is year, 2014, beginning this summer but the bulk of the cancellations will occur in october right before the mid-term elections. >> yes. there definitely will be -- >> they say it will be tens of millions of cancellations more than the individual marketplace. >> right. and it is still very difficult to get on to the exchanges and find policies that are cheaper than what you had before. >> if you dig through health and human services documents, you
12:47 pm
find that they predicted back in 2011 that 80% of the small businesses policies, health care policies would end up terminated. >> yeah. >> i mean, you have to -- obamacare forces you to have a certain number of workers, forces you to pay health benefits. a lot of the small businesses don't. why are they going to hire full time and not part time people? >> you would not people are not moving around and other people are not finding a job. good to see you. >> thank you. a tell-all book by robert gates pulling back the curtains on the obama administration. how decisions are really made inside the oval office and how they affect you. when you have diabetes like i do,
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it just didn't make sense. and i would argue that not only is that an incredibly damning thing to say about the president, but it's also -- it says something damning about bob gates himself that he thinks this is possible, it's like he's been there too long. >> there's one of the reasons why he eventually called it quits. here's the latest excerpt, it was published 24 hours ago and i'll quote, mullen and i, chairman of the joint chiefs, repeatedly discussed with an infurrated president. trying to box me in, what's wrong, is it the process? are they suspicious of my politics? do they resent that i never served in the military?
12:53 pm
do they think that because i'm young that i don't see what they're doing? as you listen to that, is there a sense of paranoia? self doubt if not immaturity in the president's remarks? >> the total impat chur imaturi. the result is you still have our troops overseas fighting in wars and dying and at the top, you have this kind of bizarre self-absorbed and immature conversations going on. that to me is one of the most chilling aspects of all of it. and i think also in that same excerpt is the suggestion that vice president biden who's supposed to be the steady hand on the wheel of this administration with regards to
12:54 pm
foreign policy, vice president biden was very much fanning these flames of the president's paranoia that somehow the military people were going to get something on him. >> let me go to this excerpt, it's a passage from gates' book about obama's very labored decision in terms of troop surge in afghanistan and biden gets involved, i'll quiet here. then came an exchange that is seared into my memory, biden said he was ready to move forward but the military should consider the president's decision as an order. i am giving an order obama quickly said. i was shocked, i had never heard a president explicitly frame a decision as a direct order. with the u.s. military, it's completely unnecessary. as secretary of defense i never issued an order to get something done nor had i heard any commander do so. obama's order, at biden's urging
12:55 pm
demonstrated the complete unfamiliarity of both men with the american military culture. charlie, does this suggest that, you know, maybe ed kline's book about obama entitled the amateur, may have been an appropriate title. it was borrowed from a statement that bill clinton allegedly uttered about president obama that he's a complete amateur and has no business being in the oval office? >> that line right there, i can see why bob gates would have found that to be one of the most shocking exchanges he had with the president. and again, it goes back to vice president biden who was supposed to be the steady hand on the wheel and we were assured that while affect president obama or then senator obama didn't have the experience with the military, the decades that biden served as chief of the foreign affairs committee in the senate would come into play. and sort of balance that out, that inexperience of president obama out.
12:56 pm
but what i think we're probably seeing is actually it's a buildup of decades of president biden probably viewing that, you know, coming at military situations with that same disregard for the military and disregard for what wisdom the military commanders have. >> well, it will be interesting to see if the president can right his ship. he's got three more years to try to do so. who knows? maybe he can do it. charlie hurt, good to see you, charlie, thanks very much. and that's going to do it for us. hope you have a great week, everybody, ood nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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